Founding Organizations:

International Code Council

National Fire Protection Association



Formed June 5th, 2012, the Coalition for Current Safety Codes (CCSC) is aimed at advancing safety by advocating for the adoption of current building, sustainability, electrical and life safety codes. This coalition will serve to create more public awareness and broader support for the adoption of the codes that protect the health and welfare of our society. All participants in the coalition will endeavor to explain the benefits of public/private sector partnerships that provide the United States with a robust system of codes and standards development involving industry, manufacturers, code administration professionals, and the public. (video of the official CCSC kick-off ceremony)

Simply stated, adopting and enforcing the latest codes and standards is the most efficient, and effective method of creating safe, sustainable, and affordable communities. This mission is good for people where they live, work, and play; and good for the economy.

Never has the time been more right for this type of coalition to form. Economic challenges and state and local budget cuts have at times obscured the benefits of updating building, sustainability, electrical and life safety codes and standards in a timely manner. This environment has made it more challenging to convey the fact that delaying the adoption of codes leaves jurisdictions in the position of eventually having to catch up for the sake of public safety, which is labor intensive, requires more training, is detrimental to the private sector, delays innovation, and prevents new products from entering the market.

We invite all within the codes and standards community, industry, public safety advocates and many others to work together with us to ensure the US remains the leader in the industrialized world, providing the safest built environment and the most contemporary and effective safety precautions for our citizens.